Since 2004, the first professional exhibition of pump valve, Wenzhou (jinying) pump valve exhibition at national and international influence expanding, scale expands unceasingly, also has become the most important of the pump valve events in the industry for domestic and international field of pump and valve manufacturer has provided the national and international for the exchanges and cooperation, to promote pump and valve manufacturing enterprises ‘specialized, refined, special, new’ power injected, It has far-reaching significance to promote industrial transformation and upgrading and enhance the regional brand influence of “Hometown of Pump and valve in China”.

The fifth ‘ Town of Pumps and Valves in China’ specialized new Pump and Valve Products Expo and the 16th Wenzhou (jinying) Pump and Valve Exhibition will be grandly held in Wenzhou Yongjia Freight Center on October 22th to 24th, 2021.Welcome to visit this exhibition in Wenzhou city.


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