A gear pump is a type of positive displacement (PD) pump. It moves a fluid by repeatedly enclosing a fixed volume using interlocking cogs or gears, transferring it mechanically using a cyclic pumping action. It delivers a smooth pulse-free flow proportional to the rotational speed of its gears. Gear pumps are commonly used for pumping high viscosity fluids such as oil, paints, resins or foodstuffs. They are preferred in any application where accurate dosing or high pressure output is required. The output of a gear pump is not greatly affected by pressure so they also tend to be preferred in any situation where the supply is irregular.

Working principle of gear pump

Gear pump is a rotary pump that transports liquid or pressurizes it by relying on the change and movement of the working volume formed between the pump cylinder and the meshing gear. It consists of two gears, the pump body and the front and rear covers. When the gear rotates, the volume of the space on the disengaged side of the gear increases from small to large, forming a vacuum, sucking in the liquid, and the volume of the space on the meshing side of the gear changes from large to small The suction chamber and discharge chamber are separated by the meshing lines of the two gears. The pressure at the discharge port of the gear pump completely depends on the resistance at the pump outlet.

Structural characteristics of gear pump

(1) Simple and compact structure, small volume, light weight, good manufacturability and low price;

(2) The gear pump has strong self suction, insensitive to oil pollution, large speed range, impact load resistance, convenient maintenance and reliable operation.

(3) The end cover and each inter tooth groove of the gear form many fixed sealing working cavities, which can only be used as a quantitative pump.

Sealing form of gear pump

The shaft end seal of the pump is designed in two forms, one is mechanical seal and the other is packing seal, which can be determined according to specific use conditions and user requirements.

The gear pump is applicable to various industries and has a wide range of media. The gear pump has the advantages of firm structure, convenient installation, easy disassembly, simple maintenance, uniform and continuous flow, slight wear, long service life and so on.

  1. In the process of using the gear pump, grease should be added frequently. The grease is easy to volatilize, so attention must be paid to adding and changing. Secondly, keep the bearing clean;
  2. The gear pump shall be checked and repaired frequently during use. Attention shall be paid to checking the electric oil drum to see whether the power line inside; whether the internal wire, plug and switch can be used normally; whether the parts of the bearing are damaged, etc;
  3. Each part of the gear pump shall be preserved. During the disassembly and inspection of the gear pump, each part shall be preserved and kept clean;

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