HG Deep well pump is mainly used on chemical and oil tanker as cargo pump, ballast pump and ME LO pump.

Working principle of marine deep well pump:

Marine deep well pump belongs to centrifugal pump in principle. According to the power form, it is divided into hydraulic deep well pump system and electric deep well pump system.

Hydraulic deep well pump system: the hydraulic motor is driven by hydraulic power to realize the operation of centrifugal pump.

Electric deep well pump system: the long shaft is driven by deck motor, and the long shaft drives the impeller to realize the operation of centrifugal pump.

Features of marine deep well pump:

The advantage of marine deep well pump is that it can load a variety of liquid goods at the same time, which improves the flexibility, shortens the docking time of the port and saves the operating cost.

The two systems integrate the monitoring and feedback alarm of various parameters in the system to realize the real-time monitoring of the operation status of the unloading operation of the whole system through the cargo control console, and the system alarm and braking ensure the safe operation of the unloading operation. The stepless variable speed control of the cargo pump makes the unloading operation simple, convenient, safe and reliable.


The liquid cargo handling system of the ship is used to transport all kinds of chemicals, oil products and liquid cargo.

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