QBY Pneumatic Baffle Pump

Performance range

Capacity: 0.8~30m3/h


Maximum allowed by particle diameter:1-10mm

Maximum air supply pressure:0.7Mpa

Air compressor capacity:0.3~1.5m3/min

QBY series Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump is a kind of comparatively innovative pump in present domestic market,which is widely applied for pumping corrosive, liquids with particles, high viscous,combustible,flammable and poisonous liquids,as well as ceramic slurry, fruit pulp, glue, and the recovery of tanker bilge oil. The overflow parts of the pump are made of material stainless steel, aluminum alloy or cast iron and the diaphragm materials can be of nitrile rubber, fluororubber, neoprene and tetrafluoroethylene according to different media.

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