CPJ Jet Pump

Performance range

Capacity: 0~600m3/h

Working water pressure:0.4~1.4Mpa

Net suction height:1~9m

Discharge pressure:0.05~0.3Mpa

The suction, discharge and nozzle of CPJ jet pump are on the same axis, which has high efficiency. The bending of the working water pipe is J-shaped, and its flange is perpendicular to the flanges of the inlet and outlet, which is convenient for installation. No moving parts, long service life. It has self-priming function and can work continuously and stably. It is mainly used in ship drainage system. It can also be used in environmental protection, chemical industry, water conservancy, building materials and other industries for pumping and discharging sea fresh water, mixed liquid, river dredging, conveying powder, etc.

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