CSTC under CSSC cooperate with CQCCSIC once again joined hands with China Shipping Chemical Transportation Co., Ltd. under COSCO Shipping Group to sign an 8,000dwt stainless steel chemical tanker construction contract On Aug.18th,2021.

The 8000dwt stainless steel chemical tanker is about 119 meters long, 18.5 meters wide, 9.4 meters deep, with a design draft of 6.3 meters and a deadweight of about 7990 tons.

The ship is the first chemical tanker equipped with the HUANGGONG’s intelligent liquid cargo system. It adopts one tank and one pump, which can significantly improve the efficiency and safety of chemical tanker loading and unloading, transportation, and reduce ship operating costs. At the same time, it meets the relevant requirements of CCS’s intelligent energy efficiency management i-ship(E), and has the ability to monitor, evaluate, report, alert and provide auxiliary decision-making suggestions on the energy efficiency of ships in real time. These designs have greatly improved the intelligence of ships and improved the efficiency of voyage operations.

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